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Sway Parish Council Consultation

This is the information that was published in 2015 when Sway Parish Council asked residents of Sway how they would like the approx £60k of S106 contributions to be spent. This was the second consultation. The first determined the projects that Sway residents would like. This second phase was to decide which projects would be most popular.

The results of this consultation can be viewed here

Sway Parish Council Section 106 consultation

How Can We Enhance Public Open Space, Sport & Recreational Facilities in Sway?

What a response! You certainly have some ideas to share!

Update on YOUR response to the S106 consultation on enhancing public open space, sport and recreational facilities.

Sway Parish Council (SPC) have around £60k from Developers' Contributions (called S106) which can be spent in line with the legal agreement on 'enhancing public open space, sport and recreational facilities'.

During October and November SPC went out to public consultation and asked 'How Can We Enhance Open Space, Sport and Recreational Facilities at Jubilee Field or Stanford Rise?'

The consultation was well promoted with posters and clipboards in local shops and facilities, articles in Sway News and the local paper and Sway groups, clubs and the primary school encouraged to take part. The idea was to make it as easy as possible for all age  groups to give their ideas for consideration. It must have paid off as there were over 300 ideas put forward!

So what happens next?

A small working party, including members of the Council's Amenities Working Party, will look at how to spend the S106 money in line with the legal agreement. Work will begin by grouping together similar ideas and then considering whether they are feasible  given the space and funds available.

In terms of Stanford Rise there are limitations on its use, set out in the lease for the area. Of particular note is the limitation on play equipment and the building of structures. This means that suggestions for a formal children's play area cannot be taken forward at Stanford Rise.
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Stanford Rise 2 Stanford Rise
Jubilee Fields between play area and Tennis Courts 2 Jubilee Fields between play area and Tennis Courts 1 Jubilee Fields between play area and Tennis Courts 3

In Jubilee Field we have a different kind of limitation in that there is only really one space available given the other uses and commitments of the area. The area available is L-shaped and around the play park (between the play park, tennis courts and the road).
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Some of the suggestions for Jubilee Field would not fit in the space available or be suitable in combination with the other activities on site. Examples that fit into this category would be a driving range or athletics track. Other suggestions, such as building an observatory, paddling pool or public toilets, either do not meet the requirements of the legal agreement or would be too costly given the funds available.

There is a third type of suggestion that has also been ruled out for this piece of work, which is suggestions related to something other than public open space owned by SPC. Examples in this category would include suggestions for changing or maintaining land owned by New Forest District Council, the County Council or private landowners. This would include ideas to plant trees on certain roads, to change footpaths or build a new tower.

Once grouped together the feasible ideas will be put to public consultation in January/February 2016. Residents of Sway will be asked to respond to the consultation and vote for their favourite(s).

A summary of the ideas submitted in phase 1 is here adobe icon S106 Ideas [57kb].


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