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Finance Working Group

This is made up of a number of councillors with a particular interest in the focus of the group. It currently meets in private when and if required (to aid flexibility) but reports to the full council on a monthly basis and details of these reports can be found in the minutes of the full council meetings. It has no delegated powers and cannot make financial decisions. It acts purely as an advisory body to the full council.

Finance Working Group Members

Cllr Kevin CrippsChair
Cllr David Golby 
Cllr Alex Pepper 
Cllr Barry Rickman 
Cllr Stephen Tarling 

This group monitors and makes recommendations on all aspects of the finances of Sway Parish Council.
The Financial Regulations are available here adobe icon Financial Regulations [631kb]

One of the most important is setting the budget for the year. The process followed is documented here adobe icon Sway Parish Council Budget Setting [215kb].

Detailed Budgets by financial year
2015-2016adobe icon 2015-2016 Income & Expenditure Budgets [20kb]
2016-2017adobe icon 2016-2017 Income & Expenditure Budgets [298kb]
2017-2018adobe icon 2017-2018 Income and Expenditure budget [46kb]

Another highly important item is setting the Parish Precept for the year.

What is a Parish Precept?

Sway Parish Council receives most of its funding by receiving a small amount of the local Council Tax, known as the Parish Precept.

How is the precept calculated?

Each year, Sway forecasts the amount of funding it will require for the following year.  adobe icon This process is explained more fully here. [215kb]. A Council Tax Base is then calculated by equating to the number of Band D equivalent properties in Sway after taking into account things like:

  • Disabled relief
  • Discounts & Exemptions
  • Provision for bad or doubtful debts
  • Allowance for growth
  • Number of properties in each band during the year, including the results of any changes and appeals.

In 2014/15 our estimated Precept requirement was £49,710 and the calculated Council Tax Base as £1,655.10, giving a figure of £30.03 per Band D property (divide the Precept of £49,710 by the Council Tax Base of £1,655.10).
In 2015/16, our Precept requirement was increased to £52,589 and the Council Tax Base was £1,667.50, giving a figure of £31.54 per annum per Band D property, which equates to a monthly payment of £2.62 per household. This represented an increase of 5% on the previous year. Whilst in isolation this may seem a large increase, Sway's Precept is historically well below the average for the New Forest District Council local council areas of £69.96 per Band D.

"Good governance, accountability and transparency are essential to local councils and a cornerstone of the government's approach to improving public services.

Those who are responsible for the conduct of public business and for spending public money are accountable for ensuring that public business is conducted in accordance with the law and applicable proper practices. They must also ensure that public money is safeguarded, properly accounted for and used economically, efficiently and effectively"

National Association of Local Councils

Select here for more Sway Parish Council finance documents including audit reports.


Notice is hereby given that the audit for the year ending 31 March 2017 was completed on 22 September 2017. For more details please refer to the following documents
 2017-09-22 Notice of Conclusion of Audit [472kb]    2017-09-22 Annual Return [4Mb]

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