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Planning and Transport Committee Agenda

This online version of the latest Agenda is intended to help by enabling links to the detailed information under consideration

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Jubilee Field Pavilion, Station Road, Sway, Lymington SO41 6BE

Members of the Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee invite you all to attend a meeting at the Jubilee Field Pavilion on Thursday 9th November 2017 at 7:30pm



1.    Apologies

2.    Declarations of interest.

3.    Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 12th October 2017 (draft minutes previously circulated and on the web) and matters arising not covered elsewhere on this agenda.

4.    Outcome of planning applications considered at previous meetings (including those applications referred to the NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee) and related matters.

5.    New Tree Preservation Orders and Tree Work Applications: report on outcomes and any new applications.

Application No.



Decision to be issued by


Land of Hairsway / Hayward Fox, Station Road  SO41 6BA

Fell 1 x Horse Chestnut tree.

01 Dec 017


Rose Cottage, Back Lane  SO41 6BU

Prune 1 x Oak tree.

11 Dec 2017

6.    New Planning Applications:

Application No.



Consultation End Date


West Cottage, Manchester Road  SO41 6AS

Single storey extension; porch; demolition of existing porch/conservatory.

09 Nov 2017 (13 Nov for Sway PC)


18 Heron Close  SO41 6ET

Single storey side extension; 3no. rooflight; 2no. parking bays; fence and entrance gate; demolition of existing conservatory.

09 Nov 2017 (13 Nov for Sway PC)


Little Haven, Middle Road, Sway  SO41 6AT

Single storey rear extension; replacement roof and external insulation to existing garage; render; cladding.

13 Nov 2017



6 Widden Close  SO41 6AX

Access ramp and step lift.

13 Nov 2017



Holm Farm, Boundway Hill  SO41 6EN

Replacement dwelling; new pool house; temporary siting of cabin and equipment store; demolition of 2No. existing dwellings.

15 Nov 2017


Hatch Motors of Sway, Station Road  SO41 6BA

Three storey building to include convenience store (Use Class A1); 5 No. flats; associated refuse, plant and parking areas; 4 No. two storey dwellings with associated parking; demolition of existing garage and outbuildings.

27 Nov 2017


Cherries, Crabbswood Lane  SO41 6EQ

Raise height of roof; 5no. roof lights to facilitate additional habitable accommodation; cladding; demolition of existing conservatory.

30 Nov 2017



Cranleigh, Station Road  SO41 6BA

Single storey rear extension; repairs and alterations to porch; remove bay window and replace with french doors; Demolition of existing garden room.

01 Dec 2017



Downlands Farm, Linnies Lane  SO41 6ES

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a proposed single storey rear extension; replacement detached outbuilding.

For information only


9 Gilpin Hill  SO41 6DT

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a proposed single storey rear extension.

For information only

7.    Update on Planning Enforcement.

8.    Planning Inspectorate and Enforcement Appeals.

9.    NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee.

10.  Land Registry - option to register for MapSearch services.

11.  Report by the Parish Council's Transport Representative.

12.  Roads, hedges and ditches.

13.  Next steps and progress on flashing Speed Limit Reminder equipment deployment in Sway.

14.  Community SpeedWatch report.

15.  Correspondence and any agenda items for the next meeting.

a.    South Western Railway timetable consultation.

b.    Gridiron cycling event 2016

15. Date of next meeting: Thursday 7th December 2017 (note: one week earlier than usual).


Katie Walding                                                                       Date:  3rd November 2017

Sway Parish Clerk


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For any further enquiries regarding this meeting please contact the Parish Clerk, Katie Walding on 01590 718116  or  Email