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Planning and Transport Committee Agenda

This online version of the latest Agenda is intended to help by enabling links to the detailed information under consideration

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Jubilee Field Pavilion, Station Road, Sway, Lymington SO41 6BE

 Members of the Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee invite you all to attend a meeting at the Jubilee Field Pavilion on Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7:30pm




1.    Apologies.



2.    Declarations of interest.


3.    Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 13th April 2017 (previously circulated and on the web) and matters arising not covered elsewhere on this agenda.


4.    Outcome of planning applications considered at previous meetings (including those applications referred to the NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee) and related matters.


5.    New Tree Preservation Orders and Tree Work Applications: report on outcomes and any new applications.


Application No.



Decision to be issued by


Big Sky, Manchester Road, Sway SO41 6AS

Prune 1 x Sweet Chestnut tree; Prune 3 x Oak trees; Prune 1 x Beech tree; Fell 2 x Oak trees; Prune 1 x Holly tree; Prune 1 x Scots Pine tree; Prune 1 x group of Oak trees to remove dead wood (exempt work)



Note TPO/17/0322 Prune 1 X Oak Tree, at 8 Little Burn SO41 6DZ was considered at the 27th. April 2017 full Parish Council meeting.


6.    New Planning Applications:


Application No.



Consultation End Date


The Squirrels. Middle Road, Sway.

Proposed replacement single storey extension.



Everglade Farm, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington SO41 8LS


Continued temporary siting of 4No. agricultural buildings for a further period of 5 years (in breach of Condition 1 of planning permission 11/96790).




7.    Update on Planning Enforcement.


8.    Planning Inspectorate and Enforcement Appeals.


Number and link



Consultation ends



[Unit 1 of the ex-site of] The Old School, Church Lane  SO41 6AD


Appeal against the refusal of 16/00910 Retention of single storey rear extension.




9. NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee.


10. Report by the Parish Council's Transport Representative.


11. Roads, hedges and ditches.


12. Community SpeedWatch report.


13. Correspondence and any agenda items for the next meeting.


14. Date of next meeting - 8th June 2017  (to be confirmed)


David Edwards                                                      Date: 05 May 2017

Clerk to Sway Parish Council


For any enquiries regarding this meeting please contact David Edwards, Parish Clerk on 01590 718116 or Email