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Amenities Working Party Minutes

This page refers to the minutes of the Amenities Working Party prior to its function being absorbed into the full Sway Parish Council at the Annual meeting on 26th May 2016.

For Dates, Agendas and Minutes of all Sway Parish Council meetings , see Parish Council Meetings.

The Sway Amenities Working Party Meeting Minutes and Attachments for 2015-2016 are below. Please refer to Parish Council Meetings for information relating to Amenities from June 2016 onwards.


Amenities Working Party Minutes 2015-2016

5/5/2016adobe icon AWP agenda May 2016 [432kb]adobe icon AWP Draft Minutes May 2016 [134kb]
7/4/2016adobe icon AWP Agenda April 2016 [433kb]adobe icon AWP Draft Minutes April 2016 [77kb]
3/3/2016adobe icon AWP Agenda March 2016 [433kb]adobe icon AWP Draft Minutes March 2016 [43kb]
4/2/2016adobe icon AWP Agenda February 2016 [407kb]adobe icon AWP Draft Minutes February 2016 [43kb]
7/1/2016adobe icon AWP Agenda January 2016 [407kb]adobe icon AWP Draft Minutes January 2016 [455kb]
3/12/2016adobe icon AWP Agenda December [56kb]adobe icon AWP DRAFT Minutes 3rd Dec 2015 [171kb]
5/11/2016 adobe icon AWP Minutes November 2015 [154kb]


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