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Sway Community SpeedWatch

STATEMENT FROM HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY : "Community SpeedWatch (CSW) is a locally driven initiative where active members of the community become Police Support Volunteers and work with the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles at specific locations using speed indication devices. The initiative allows the community to address the issue of speeding by becoming actively involved in road safety and working in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary".

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This page is updated regularly to show up-to-date information about Sway Community SpeedWatch activities. The latest update was at 21:20 on 17 May 2019.

Sway Community SpeedWatch is on facebook @SwayCSW and on Twitter @SwayCSW

If you would like to become a Sway Community SpeedWatch volunteer, please email or follow the links on our  contact Sway Parish Council page. If you are interested in a Community SpeedWatch group elsewhere, then follow this link for more information.

Latest SpeedWatch News: (See our News page for highlights of previous SpeedWatch sessions)

17 May 2019 End of another Community SpeedWatch week. We managed 9 sessions of 1 hour each and reported 152 speeding vehicles to the police.

Vera has spent the past couple of weeks on the B3055 up near the junction with Station Road where it has been triggered by over 5,300 speeding vehicles per week.

Please everyone. Drive safely under the speed limit and be considerate to all other road users - be they human or other animals. #add3minutes.

SID Dec 2015


Key Statistics to date. Click on a chart to view full size. Read further on for fuller description.

Sway CSW progress year by yearOverall Speeding Trend Chart. Does not take into account location. Trend lines are 20 session rolling averages
4 CSW progress year by year Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window01 Community Speed Watch Speeding Trends Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Trends in percentages of drivers obeying the speed limit on each of the roads surveyed. Trend lines are 8 session rolling averages.Quite Interesting statistics?
02 Trends in law abiding drivers Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window03 CSW Stats Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Sway Community SpeedWatch Reports to Sway Parish Council from 2016 to present day

May 2019adobe icon 2019-05-17 Sway CSW report May 2019 V1 [962kb]
April 2019adobe icon 2019-04-21 Sway CSW report April 2019 V1 [1Mb]
March 2019adobe icon 2019-03-20 Sway CSW report March 2019 V1 [997kb]
February 2019adobe icon 2019-03-15 Sway CSW report February 2019 V2 [1Mb]
January 2019adobe icon 2019-02-27 Sway CSW report January 2019 V2 [1Mb]
December 2018adobe icon 2019-01-09 Sway CSW report December 2018 V2 [2Mb] adobe icon 2019-02-26 Sway CSW Report for 2018 V4 [211kb]
November 2018adobe icon 2019-01-09 Sway CSW report November 2018 V3 [2Mb]
October 2018adobe icon 2018-12-07 Sway CSW report October 2018 V2 [1Mb]
September 2018adobe icon 2018-12-07 Sway CSW report September 2018 V2 [1Mb]
August 2018adobe icon 2018-10-25 Sway CSW report August 2018 V2 [1Mb]
July 2018adobe icon 2018-09-23 Sway CSW report July 2018 V2 [1Mb]
June 2018adobe icon 2018-07-31 Sway CSW report June 2018 V2 [1Mb]
May 2018adobe icon 2018-06-14 Sway CSW report May 2018 V2 [1Mb]
April 2018adobe icon 2018-05-16 Sway CSW report April 2018 V2 [1Mb]
March 2018adobe icon 2018-04-18 Sway CSW report March 2018 V2 [1Mb]
February 2018adobe icon 2018-03-07 Sway CSW report February 2018 V2 [1Mb]
January 2018adobe icon 2018-02-08 Sway CSW report January 2018 V2 [808kb]
December 2017adobe icon 2018-01-08 Sway CSW report December 2017 V2 [756kb] adobe icon 2018-02-28 Sway CSW Report for 2017 V5 [25kb]
November 2017adobe icon 2017-12-04 Sway CSW report November 2017 V2 [1Mb]
October 2017adobe icon 2017-11-07 Sway CSW report October 2017 V2 [985kb]
September 2017adobe icon 2017-09-25 Sway CSW report September 2017 V2 [743kb]
August 2017adobe icon 2017-09-01 Sway CSW report August 2017 V2 [666kb]
July 2017adobe icon 2017-08-07 Sway CSW report July 2017 V2 [540kb]
June 2017adobe icon 2017-07-06 Sway CSW report June 2017 V2 [763kb]
May 2017adobe icon 2017-06-08 Sway CSW report May 2017 V2 [704kb]
April 2017adobe icon 2017-05-09 Sway CSW report April 2017 V2 [643kb]
March 2017adobe icon 2017-04-07 Sway CSW report March 2017 V2 [644kb]
February 2017adobe icon 2017-03-16 Sway CSW Report February 2017 [982kb]
January 2017adobe icon 2017-02-16 Sway CSW Report January 2017 [652kb] 
December 2016adobe icon 2016-12-19 Sway CSW report December 2016 V2 [729kb] adobe icon 2016-12-19 Sway CSW Report for 2016 [14kb]
November 2016adobe icon 2016-11-15 Sway CSW report November 2016 [856kb]
October 2016adobe icon 2016-10-26 Sway CSW report October 2016 [1Mb]
September 2016adobe icon 2016-10-08 Sway CSW report September 2016 [58kb]
August 2016adobe icon 2016-08-30 Sway CSW report August 2016 [57kb]
July 2016adobe icon 2016-07-20 Sway CSW report July 2016 [55kb]
June 2016adobe icon 2016-06-29 Sway CSW report June 2016 [53kb]
May 2016adobe icon 2016-06-03 Sway CSW report May 2016 [49kb]
April 2016adobe icon 2016-05-09 Sway CSW report April 2016 [66kb]
March 2016adobe icon 2016-03-29 Sway CSW report March 2016 [65kb]
February 2016adobe icon 2016-02-27 Sway CSW report February 2016 [49kb]
January 2016 adobe icon 2016-01-24 Sway CSW report January 2016 [49kb]


Click here to see an interactive map showing numbers of road traffic offences detected by safety cameras. This also show locations of accidents attended by or reported to the police.



This webpage is maintained by Sway Community SpeedWatch volunteers. This is not an official Hampshire Police Community SpeedWatch website. It exists purely to inform the residents of Sway and anybody else who may be interested in the Community Speedwatch initiative as operated in Sway. 

The Community SpeedWatch initiative as a whole is managed by the Police. Sway Community SpeedWatch volunteers record details of speeding vehicles and send them to the Police. The Police then issue warning letters to registered keepers of the vehicles. These letters are signed "Sway Speed Watch Co-ordinator" however, if you receive a warning letter and wish to discuss it, you should always contact the Police on 101, or email You can also write to:

Community SpeedWatch
Strategic Partnerships Supervisor
Hollyleigh House,
Southern Support and Training HQ,
Hamble Lane,
Netley SO31 4TS
(tel: 02380 479741)

Please do not confront any of our SpeedWatch volunteers either directly or indirectly. We are simply concerned local residents who voluntarily donate a lot of time and effort to this initiative in a bid to reduce the problem of speeding motorists. Our Sway SpeedWatch coordinator is our contact with the Police in relation to the running of the SpeedWatch initiative within Sway Parish. The coordinator does not set policy, design letters or in any way have control over anything that the Police do with information recorded and passed on to them by Sway Community SpeedWatch.



Sway Community SpeedWatch volunteers have been surveying traffic speeds around the Parish since April 2014.

Those people you see in high visibility jackets standing beside the road in all weathers with the "Smiley SID" equipment that flashes up your speed, are all local residents who have been certified and authorised as Police Support Volunteers with Hampshire Constabulary. They give up many hours of their time in a bid to improve road safety in the Parish and surrounding areas. During the first year of its operation in Sway alone, this totaled nearly 900 hours of volunteer time.

The aim is to improve the safety and quality of life of all who share the roads. As such these efforts are recognised by the New Forest National Park Authority and others as one of many initiatives to reduce animal road traffic accidents in the New Forest.

CSW Jan 2016 1

The locations where they perform their surveys have been checked and authorised by the police.

CSW Jan 2016 2

The Community SpeedWatch initiative is managed by the police. Across Hampshire as a whole there are in the region of 80 similar groups totalling around 800 volunteers. Funding for the equipment used in Sway was through the Parish Council. Our Speed Indication Device (SID) is shared between Sway Parish Council, Boldre Parish Council, Lymington and Pennington Town Council and New Milton Town Council who each covered one quarter of the cost. Sway Community SpeedWatch is run by the volunteers led by the Sway Community SpeedWatch coordinator whose role is to act as the point of contact between us and the Police.

CSW Jan 2016 3

Latest results for Sway are reported to the Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee by the Sway Community SpeedWatch representative.

CSW Jan 2016 4

A typical SpeedWatch session involves two or more SpeedWatch volunteers standing at the roadside for 1-2 hours noting the details of any vehicle recorded by the SID travelling at excessive speed as defined in ACPO guidelines.

Details recorded by the volunteers include the Registration Number, Make, Model and/or Colour of the vehicle. A list is sent to the police who check the details and then warning letters are sent to the registered keepers of the vehicles.
Sample Speedwatch Letter Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Keepers of vehicles recorded as persistently speeding may receive a visit from a member of a Police Safer Neighbourhood Team. Community SpeedWatch is intended to educate drivers, not to prosecute them, although if someone has been recorded as repeatedly or excessively exceeding the speed limit, this information may in future be taken into consideration in the event of the driver subsequently being caught speeding by the police.

CSW Jan 2016 5

The Speed Indication Device itself records vehicle speeds but not the vehicle details. This speed data is extracted by Sway Community SpeedWatch volunteers and analysed to produce trend charts and identify locations that are of particular concern. All this is reported to Sway Parish Council who may use it to propose further action to improve road safety. It is important to understand that speeding is antisocial, affecting the quality of life of others and has been highlighted in a survey of Sway Residents as being of utmost priority.

Some charts generated from SID data are shown below.

Click on a graph to expand to full size.

Chart showing the progress that Sway Community Speedwatch have made year by year.

4 CSW progress year by year Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

This chart highlights the way that the percentages of law abiding drivers (green area), and those exceeding the speed limit (blue and red areas) have improved year on year since 2015.  This is a key indicator of the success of Community SpeedWatch in educating drivers to obey speed limits. 

Chart showing the speed of each individual vehicle during a single Community SpeedWatch session.

Vehicle speed data from one session Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Such detail would not normally form part of the report to the Parish Council, but it does show graphically just how many motorists exceed the speed limit. In this instance the data is of northbound traffic on Pitmore Lane near North Common Lane between 8:30 and 10:30 on the morning of Wednesday 20th January 2016. A total of 345 vehicles passed by, 161 (fewer than half) observing the 30 mph speed limit. Two vehicles were recorded at 47 mph, 79 at 35 mph or more. This was fairly typical for this location at this time of day.

Overall Speeding Trend Chart.

01 Community Speed Watch Speeding Trends Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

The rather busy chart above shows the percentages of vehicles exceeding 30 mph, 35 mph, 40 mph and 45 mph at each SpeedWatch session since July 2014. Most recent data is added on the right after each session. This does not take into account the location where the data was collected so simply gives a rough indication as to whether the percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit by those amounts is rising or falling. As can be seen from the trend lines of 20 session rolling averages, we have seen a reduction in those drivers exceeding the 30 mph speed limit. This chart and our annual reports show that overall we are seeing a 5% year on year improvement in the percentage of drivers obeying the speed limit and a 7% reduction in those exceeding the 35 mph threshold for reporting to the police. We hope this trend continues.

Speeding Trends on each road surveyed.

02 Trends in law abiding drivers Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

In the chart above you can see how the percentages of drivers obeying the speed limit on each of the roads surveyed is altering over time as SpeedWatch progresses. The lines have been smoothed to show the trends more clearly using 8 session rolling averages. These charts are the best indicator of the effectiveness of SpeedWatch at each location.

Pitmore Lane North, Pitmore Lane Middle and Durnstown have clearly improved since we began SpeedWatch. Brighton Road has been up and down and really shown little change overall, while Arnewood Bridge and Pitmore Lane South, although improved are still considerably worse than the rest. Manchester Road had not been surveyed since September 2016 as with limited numbers of volunteers, we have to concentrate on those locations where speeding is clearly more of an issue. We did however manage one session there during the time Pitmore Lane was closed in August 2018. This confirmed that motorists generally obey the 30 mph speed limit along Manchester Road, although it is believed that this is too high for the road conditions generally. 20 mph might be a more appropriate speed limit for this road.

Remember that speeding is not only dangerous, it is also antisocial. Consideration for all road users must be uppermost in every driver's mind.

And never forget, exceeding the speed limit is against the law.

CSW Dec 2015

SID calibration

The Speed Indication Device is a very sensitive and accurate piece of equipment. Calibration at the start of every deployment using the supplied 30mph tuning fork ensures that it correctly displays the speed. Several ad-hoc tests with volunteers driving past at known speeds have also confirmed the accuracy of the device. For more information about Speed Indication Devices refer to the CA traffic website.

SID calibration

Finally some Quite Interesting statistics? Click to view full size.

03 CSW Stats Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

As you can see the Total number of volunteer hours is quite a bit larger than the number of hours spent at the roadside. This is because there are several other activities involved in Community SpeedWatch including; preparation of the data that is sent to the police, planning and organising SpeedWatch, collecting and analysing the statistics, attending SpeedWatch meetings, etc.

Our volunteers are absolutely marvellous. We are a well motivated and successful group but are always in need of new recruits. If you are interested in joining Sway Community SpeedWatch, please talk to any of our volunteers or contact the Parish Council. It is a great way of helping out in the local Community as well as often being hugely entertaining. It is quite surpnsing just what the volunteers chat about out there! All it takes is a small amount of your time once a month. All training is entirely free!

adobe icon Select here to download a description of the process used to extract data from SID and produce the charts [1Mb]

Project Pictogram

Project Pictogram is an initiative supported by Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue. The aim is to highlight "The Fatal Four" causes of death and injury on our roads - Inappropriate Speed, Driver Distractions, Lack of Seat Belt and Alcohol or Drug Impairment. It is hoped that as we see more of these pictograms displayed on commercial vehicles, it will eventually become second nature for us to follow the messages. We hope many might want to go one stage further. Since these pictograms are freely available to download from Hampshire Fire and Rescue's website, we would encourage everyone to print and display them on their own vehicles. Doing so might mean thinking twice while sat behind the wheel.

Anybody who would like to display a pictogram on their vehicle can obtain them from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue website here, or may wish to click on the image below to expand, save and then print it.

Pictograms to print on A4 paper Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Follow them on Twitter @roadsafetypic .

From the Press archives:

2015-07-04 A&T P8 PCC & CSW Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window


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