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Jubilee Field Project Group

This page is intended to keep you informed on the progress of the Jubilee Field Project Group. Visit us regularly for updates.

This group was set up following the March 2017 meeting of Sway Parish Council to consider the offer made by the trustees of the former Sway Social Club.

Update 19 February 2018

Sway Parish Council today received a letter from the chairman of Sway Social Club formally stating that "the Social Club's members have decided that it should now investigate the acquisition of suitable premises in the village centre as its preferred option and would not at present pursue consideration of any development proposals at Jubilee Field".

We wish the Social Club well in its pursuit of other investment opportunities within the village.

Update 17 May 2017

Sway Parish Council has received a letter from the Trustees of Sway Social Club withdrawing the offer previously made to support the proposed Jubilee Field pavilion development and the creation of a MUGA.

Those individuals and organisations that have previously expressed an interest in being involved in the project will be contacted as soon as more information becomes available.

Project Group Members

Cllr Kevin CrippsChair
Cllr David Golby 
Cllr Alex Pepper 


Jubilee Field Project Group Terms of Reference:

1. The objective of the group is to consider the proposal from the Sway Social Club Trustees (SSCT) to transfer funds to Sway Parish Council (SPC) to support a development at Jubilee Field. The JFPG work will include, but not be limited to, consideration of the following items:

a. The type of development to be supported
b. The needs of the community
c. Inclusivity of the development and its intended use
d. Appropriate conditions for the transfer of funds
e. Business plans and finances of how the scheme would be supported in the development and operational phases
f. Use of grant funding
g. Sustainability
h. Impacts on current users

2. The JFPG will comprise of a minimum of four (4) councillors to be appointed by the Parish Council. Three (3) members of the JFPG shall constitute a quorum. The group may invite additional members as required. Invited members would not have voting rights.

3. The JFPG will nominate a chairperson.

4. The JFPG will report back to the Parish Council on a regular basis and there will be a standing item on the agenda for an update (where appropriate) for the life of the JFPG.

5. The JFPG will complete its work within six months of the date of its first meeting.



The Jubilee Field Project Group held their first meeting on Thursday 13th April 2017 at 6pm and presented their first report at the Parish Council meeting on 27th April. adobe icon 2017-04-13 JFPG report number 1 [374kb]


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