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Jubilee Field User Group

Although not officially part of Sway Parish Council, the Jubilee Field User Group plays a vital role by providing feedback to help with the management of all the facilities at Jubilee Field. This page describes the work that they do and provides links to the various organisations involved.

The Jubilee Field User Group was set up to represent the sports groups using the Jubilee Field and help to address and work through any issues and provide a forum for communication and co-ordination amongst the sports groups. It aims to promote cooperation between the clubs and with the Parish Council.

The four main sports groups nominate people to represent the club on the user group. The Parish Council also has two councillors to represent the Council on the user group and to be the key link between the council and the clubs.

The frequency of the user group meetings, is as required but approximately bi-monthly.

Discussions are currently going on regarding a possible extension to the Jubilee Field Pavilion. The plans are not firm as yet, but the current thoughts can be seen here.


Representatives from the following organisations form the basis of the Jubilee Field User Group.

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Mike Steadman

Malcolm Maidment

Sway Football Club Logo

John Bailey

Sway Junior Football Club banner

Mike Reynolds

David Gibbons

Sway Lawn Tennis Club Logo Sway Lawn Tennis Club

Chris Baughan

Dave Hurrel

Sway Cricket Club banner

Cllr Ted Fleat

Cllr Len Thomas

Sway Parish Council logo Sway Parish Council



Documents of meetings of the Jubilee Field User Group:

9th April 2015adobe icon JFUG minutes Apr2015 [337kb]
22nd June 2015adobe icon JFUG minutes Jun2015 [449kb]
24th August 2015adobe icon JFUG minutes Aug2015 [330kb]
26th October 2015adobe icon JFUG minutes Oct2015 [238kb]
1 February 2016adobe icon JFUG Agenda Feb 2016 [14kb] adobe icon JFUG Minutes Feb 2016 [154kb]
4 April 2016 
10 May 2016adobe icon JFUG Agenda May 2016 [15kb]
5 July 2016adobe icon JFUG minutes Jul 2016 [115kb]
6 September 2016adobe icon JFUG Agenda September 2016 [14kb] adobe icon JFUG minutes Sep 2016 [162kb]
1 November 2016adobe icon JFUG Agenda November 2016 [75kb] adobe icon JFUG Minutes Nov 2016 [180kb]
24 January 2017adobe icon JFUG Minutes Jan 2017 [114kb]
7 March 2017adobe icon JFUG Agenda March 2017 [15kb] adobe icon JFUG Minutes Mar 2017 [81kb]
4 April 2017adobe icon JFUG Agenda April 2017 [15kb] adobe icon JFUG Minutes April 2017 [92kb]
21 September 2017adobe icon JFUG Minutes Sept 2017 [60kb]
16 November 2017adobe icon JFUG Agenda November 2017 [16kb]



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