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Planning and Transport

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Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee

currently comprises seven Sway Parish Councillors. The committee operates in accordance with its Terms of Reference as approved by the full Sway Parish Council adobe icon PaTC Terms of Reference [211kb]

Planning & Transport Committee Members
Members Roles and Responsibilities
TBAChair of Planning & Transport Committee 
TBAVice Chair of Planning & Transport Committee
TBARights of Way Co-ordinator
TBATransport & CANGO
TBATree Representative 

The Planning and Transport Committee meets on the Second Thursday of each Month. The latest agenda can be viewed here and meeting minutes are here.

Meetings are held at the Jubilee Field Pavilion Hall, Station Road, Sway, SO41 6BE

Meetings start at 7:00pm. Everybody welcome.

select for details of meetings.


OCTOBER 2018 The Hatch Motors 18/00876 appeal decision can be viewed here: adobe icon Appeal Decision Oct18 [135kb]

AUGUST 2018 The response from Sway Parish Council to the appeal on Beverley 18/00089 is available to view here: adobe icon 18/00089 Sway Response [1Mb]

FEBRUARY 2018 You can see a copy of Sway's comments to the draft Local Plan here: adobe icon Sway response to Local Plan draft [380kb]


Select here for a comprehensive list of recent planning applications within Sway Parish. Although not the definitive source, this web page maintained by Cllr Tarling provides an excellent overview.

Sway Parish Council is not the planning authority for Sway.  For Sway planning matters the place to go is the New Forest National Park - in particular see their planning pages

However Sway Parish Council is consulted, and invited to comment on any planning applications within Sway Parish. In addition, Sway has its own Village Design Statement published in 2013 which the New Forest National Park Planning department must take into account when considering planning applications. As well as often providing narrative recommendations, the Planning and Transport committee will decide on one of the following options to pass back to the NFNPA planning officer:

  1. We recommend PERMISSION, for the reasons listed below, but would accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers.
  2. We recommend REFUSAL, for the reasons listed below, but would accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers.
  3. We recommend PERMISSION for the reasons listed below.
  4. We recommend REFUSAL for the reasons listed below.
  5. We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers

If the P&TC recommendation is contrary to the NFNPA planning officer's, then the planning application is passed on to the NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee for its decision.

Sway Parish Council's Planning and Transport Committee meetings are fairly informal and we endeavour to enable members of the public to speak to applications on the Agenda. Here is a useful introduction for Sway residentsadobe icon PaTC Introduction [50kb].

Any planning matters that do not arrive in time for the agenda of a given Planning and Transport Committee will be considered at a subsequent meeting of either the Planning and Transport Committee, or the full Parish Council.

Details of the forthcoming meetings of both the Planning and Transport Committee and the full Parish Council are linked here.

Select here for Cllr Tarling's comprehensive list of recent planning applications within Sway Parish. And if you are considering submitting a planning application yourself then you may find this page also on Cllr Tarling's website of some help.


Sway Parish Council is not the Transport and Roads authority for Sway. For contact details of the various organisations responsible, please refer to the Other Useful Contacts page of this website.

Sway Parish Council's Planning and Transport Committee will approach the relevant authority in matters that are of significant concern to the Parish. Recently these have included Road Safety issues, and the Cango bus booking service.

Select here for information relating to Friends of Sway Station (FOSS)

Hedges and Ditches

Responsibility for Hedges and Ditches generally resides with the owner of the adjacent property. In some cases where an overgrown hedge or blocked ditch is causing serious inconvenience or danger, then Sway Parish Council may write to the owner, and in extreme cases may report the problem to Hampshire County Council to take action.

Sway Footpaths
Updated footpaths 2018 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Sway Parish Council is not responsible for the footpaths in Sway - that is the responsibility of the highways authority, which in our case is Hampshire County Council , and the landowner.  For Rights of Way footpaths see the HCC Rights of Way site starting at

However as well as the general public being invited to comment on any Rights of Way issues Sway Parish Council also try to keep a weather eye on the footpaths in our Parish. That task is currently undertaken by various councillors co-ordinated by Cllr. Peter Dance.

Footpaths should not be confused with footways at the side of a road - like a pavement for example.  Sway has 15 formal Rights of Way: 9 footpaths, 3 bridleways and 3 byways open to all traffic. Six of these continue into Hordle Parish, and one continues into the parish of Lymington & Pennington (where those will also appear with a different number in the lists of those other parishes). One bridleway leads directly into the open forest in Brockenhurst parish, and two bridleways are essentially forest routes over railway footbridges. The definitive statement for Sway is in pdf format under Sway on the pages numbered 87 to 89 of or for an overall picture, click on the map above.


Cango Bus on lanes

The New Forest Cango bus services C32 and C33 are subsidised by Hampshire County Council. These buses run on a flexible route within what are called Roam Zones. They have fixed start and end points along with a few other stops termed Timed Stops. Anybody can travel on the Cango buses between Timed Stops but you need to book your ride if you want to be picked up or dropped off at any other location. Registration and Booking line 01983 716956 is open 7am to 9am Mon-Fri.  For full details click here or refer to adobe icon Cango Users Leaflet 2018 [1Mb] which has been published by the Cango Users Forum. The Hampshire County Council Cango Webpage also contains information but is not as easy to decipher. The Cango Users Forum chairman John Warden regularly presents his report to the Planning and Transport Committee in his role as Transport Representative.

The Cango booking service is funded through a partnership comprising New Milton Town Council, Sway Parish Council and Hordle Parish Council along with generous donations from the members budgets of Hampshire County Councillors Ken Thornber, Alan Rice and Jacqui England.

Community Speed Watch

CSW Dec 2015

Since April 2014 the police support volunteers of Sway Community Speed Watch have been performing speed surveys at locations around Sway Parish that have been authorised by the police. The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is shared between Sway Parish Council, Boldre Parish Council, Lymington and Pennington Town Council and New Milton Town Council who each covered one quarter of the cost. Latest results for Sway are reported back to the Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee by the Sway Community Speed Watch representative, Hugh Marchant . Select here for more information.

Useful contacts if you want to get things done

P&TC also get asked about planning and transport matters which are outside of our remit, so in case it helps; adobe icon here is a list of useful contacts. [154kb].  See also Other Useful Contacts.

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