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Planning & Transport Committee Minutes

For Dates, Agendas and Minutes of all Sway Parish Council meetings , see Parish Council Meetings.

The Sway Planning & Transport Committee Meeting Approved Minutes and Attachments are below, collated by Council Year. 

Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes
12/03/2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Mar20 [211kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Mar20 [229kb]
13/02/2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Feb20 [206kb] adobe icon PaTC Minutes Feb20 [317kb]
09/01/2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jan20 [193kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jan20 [256kb]
12/12/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Dec19 [208kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Dec19 [252kb]
14/11/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Nov19 [231kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Nov19 [176kb]
10/10/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Oct19 [87kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Oct19 [170kb]
13/09/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Sep19 [103kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Sep19 [366kb]
15/08/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Aug19 [272kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Aug19 [324kb]
11/07/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jul19 [278kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jul19 [340kb]
13/06/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jun19 [275kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jun19 [327kb]
23/05/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda May19 [278kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes May19 [327kb]
11/04/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Apr19 [272kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Apr19 [471kb]
14/03/2019adobe icon PaTC March Agenda 2019 [257kb]adobe icon PaTC March Minutes 2019 [311kb]
14/02/2019adobe icon PaTC February Agenda 2019 [266kb]adobe icon PaTC February Minutes 2019 [396kb]
10/01/2018adobe icon PaTC January Agenda 19 [265kb]adobe icon PaTC January Minutes 2019 [494kb]
13/12/2018adobe icon PaTC Dec Agenda 2018 [277kb]adobe icon PaTC December Minutes 18 [378kb]
08/11/2018adobe icon PaTC November Agenda 2018 [73kb]adobe icon PaTC November Minutes 2018 [729kb]
11/10/2018adobe icon PaTC October Agenda 2018 [258kb]adobe icon PaTC October Minutes 2018 [509kb]
13/09/2018adobe icon PaTC September Agenda 2018 [257kb]adobe icon PaTC September Minutes 2018 [4Mb]
09/08/2018adobe icon PaTC August Agenda 2018 [258kb]adobe icon PaTC August Minutes 2018 Draft [433kb]
12/07/2018adobe icon PaTC July Agenda 2018 [466kb]adobe icon PaTC July Minutes 2018 [517kb]
14/06/2018adobe icon PaTC June Agenda 2018 [49kb]adobe icon PaTC June Minutes 2018 [517kb]
10/05/2018adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 no papers [418kb]  adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 with papers [5Mb]adobe icon PaTC May Minutes 2018 [902kb]
12/04/2018adobe icon PaTC April Agenda 2018 [433kb]adobe icon PaTC April Minutes 2018 [9Mb]
08/03/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda Mar18 [281kb]adobe icon PaTC Signed Minutes Mar18 [7Mb]
08/02/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2018 [280kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes Feb18 [3Mb]
11/01/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2018 [275kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2018 [3Mb]
07/12/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2017 [7Mb]
09/11/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2017 [295kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2017 [6Mb]
12/10/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2017 [319kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2017 [145kb]
14/09/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2017 [79kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2017 [769kb]
10/08/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2017 [244kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2017 [4Mb]
13/07/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2017 [442kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2017 [5Mb]
08/06/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2017 [70kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2017 [3Mb]


PaTC Minutes 2016-2017 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2016-2017
11/05/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2017 [85kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2017 [2Mb]
13/04/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2017 [373kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2017 [5Mb]
09/03/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2017 [72kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2017 [5Mb]
09/02/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2017 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2017 [7Mb]
12/01/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2017 [5Mb] adobe icon P&TC Tree Report January 2017 [181kb]
08/12/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2016 [475kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2016 [3Mb]
10/11/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2016 [379kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2016
13/10/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2016 [60kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2016 [5Mb]
08/09/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2016 [58kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2016 [90kb]
11/08/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2016 [58kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2016 [4Mb]
14/07/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2016 [56kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2016 [601kb]
09/06/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda and appendices June 2016 [613kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2016 [597kb]
12/05/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2016 [80kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2016 [504kb]


PaTC Minutes 2015-2016 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2015-2016
14/04/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2016 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2016 [149kb]
10/03/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2016 [68kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2016 [554kb]
11/02/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2016 [73kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2016 [634kb]
14/01/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2016 [70kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2016 [518kb]
10/12/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda Dec 2015 [71kb]adobe icon P&TC minutes December 2015 [534kb]
12/11/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2015 [178kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2015 [701kb]
08/10/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2015 [78kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2015 [429kb]
10/09/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2015 [107kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2015 [454kb]
13/08/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2015 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2015 [11Mb]
09/07/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2015 [88kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2015 [6Mb]
11/06/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2015 [88kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2015 [4Mb]
28/05/2015adobe icon P&TC agenda May 2015 [86kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2015 [5Mb]



PaTC minutes 2014-2015 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2014-2015
16/04/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2015 [69kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2015 [225kb]
19/03/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2015 [72kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2015 [266kb]
19/02/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2015 [86kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2015 [252kb]
22/01/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2015 [80kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2015 [330kb]
11/12/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2014 [83kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2014 [263kb]
20/11/2014adobe icon P&TC agenda November 2014 [46kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2014 [492kb]
16/10/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2014 [231kb]
18/09/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2014 [44kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2014 [227kb]
21/08/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2014 [227kb]
10/07/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2014 [42kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2014 [230kb]
12/06/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2014 [225kb]
08/05/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2014 [52kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2014 [321kb]


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