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Planning & Transport Committee Minutes

For Dates, Agendas and Minutes of all Sway Parish Council meetings , see Parish Council Meetings.

The Sway Planning & Transport Committee Meeting Approved Minutes and Attachments are below, collated by Council Year. Where final versions are not yet available, draft minutes are provided.

Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes
09/01/2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jan20 [193kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jan20 [256kb]
12/12/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Dec19 [208kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Dec19 [252kb]
14/11/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Nov19 [231kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Nov19 [176kb]
10/10/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Oct19 [87kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Oct19 [170kb]
13/09/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Sep19 [103kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Sep19 [366kb]
15/08/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Aug19 [272kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Aug19 [324kb]
11/07/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jul19 [278kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jul19 [340kb]
13/06/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jun19 [275kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Jun19 [327kb]
23/05/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda May19 [278kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes May19 [327kb]
11/04/2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Apr19 [272kb]adobe icon PaTC Minutes Apr19 [471kb]
14/03/2019adobe icon PaTC March Agenda 2019 [257kb]adobe icon PaTC March Minutes 2019 [311kb]
14/02/2019adobe icon PaTC February Agenda 2019 [266kb]adobe icon PaTC February Minutes 2019 [396kb]
10/01/2018adobe icon PaTC January Agenda 19 [265kb]adobe icon PaTC January Minutes 2019 [494kb]
13/12/2018adobe icon PaTC Dec Agenda 2018 [277kb]adobe icon PaTC December Minutes 18 [378kb]
08/11/2018adobe icon PaTC November Agenda 2018 [73kb]adobe icon PaTC November Minutes 2018 [729kb]
11/10/2018adobe icon PaTC October Agenda 2018 [258kb]adobe icon PaTC October Minutes 2018 [509kb]
13/09/2018adobe icon PaTC September Agenda 2018 [257kb]adobe icon PaTC September Minutes 2018 [4Mb]
09/08/2018adobe icon PaTC August Agenda 2018 [258kb]adobe icon PaTC August Minutes 2018 Draft [433kb]
12/07/2018adobe icon PaTC July Agenda 2018 [466kb]adobe icon PaTC July Minutes 2018 [517kb]
14/06/2018adobe icon PaTC June Agenda 2018 [49kb]adobe icon PaTC June Minutes 2018 [517kb]
10/05/2018adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 no papers [418kb]  adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 with papers [5Mb]adobe icon PaTC May Minutes 2018 [902kb]
12/04/2018adobe icon PaTC April Agenda 2018 [433kb]adobe icon PaTC April Minutes 2018 [9Mb]
08/03/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda Mar18 [281kb]adobe icon PaTC Signed Minutes Mar18 [7Mb]
08/02/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2018 [280kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes Feb18 [3Mb]
11/01/2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2018 [275kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2018 [3Mb]
07/12/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2017 [7Mb]
09/11/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2017 [295kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2017 [6Mb]
12/10/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2017 [319kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2017 [145kb]
14/09/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2017 [79kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2017 [769kb]
10/08/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2017 [244kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2017 [4Mb]
13/07/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2017 [442kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2017 [5Mb]
08/06/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2017 [70kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2017 [3Mb]


PaTC Minutes 2016-2017 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2016-2017
11/05/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2017 [85kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2017 [2Mb]
13/04/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2017 [373kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2017 [5Mb]
09/03/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2017 [72kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2017 [5Mb]
09/02/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2017 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2017 [7Mb]
12/01/2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2017 [5Mb] adobe icon P&TC Tree Report January 2017 [181kb]
08/12/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2016 [475kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2016 [3Mb]
10/11/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2016 [379kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2016
13/10/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2016 [60kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2016 [5Mb]
08/09/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2016 [58kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2016 [90kb]
11/08/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2016 [58kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2016 [4Mb]
14/07/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2016 [56kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2016 [601kb]
09/06/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda and appendices June 2016 [613kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2016 [597kb]
12/05/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2016 [80kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2016 [504kb]


PaTC Minutes 2015-2016 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2015-2016
14/04/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2016 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2016 [149kb]
10/03/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2016 [68kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2016 [554kb]
11/02/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2016 [73kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2016 [634kb]
14/01/2016adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2016 [70kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2016 [518kb]
10/12/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda Dec 2015 [71kb]adobe icon P&TC minutes December 2015 [534kb]
12/11/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2015 [178kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2015 [701kb]
08/10/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2015 [78kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2015 [429kb]
10/09/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2015 [107kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2015 [454kb]
13/08/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2015 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2015 [11Mb]
09/07/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2015 [88kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2015 [6Mb]
11/06/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2015 [88kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2015 [4Mb]
28/05/2015adobe icon P&TC agenda May 2015 [86kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2015 [5Mb]



PaTC minutes 2014-2015 Planning and Transport Committee Agendas and Minutes 2014-2015
16/04/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2015 [69kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2015 [225kb]
19/03/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2015 [72kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2015 [266kb]
19/02/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2015 [86kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2015 [252kb]
22/01/2015adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2015 [80kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2015 [330kb]
11/12/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2014 [83kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2014 [263kb]
20/11/2014adobe icon P&TC agenda November 2014 [46kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2014 [492kb]
16/10/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2014 [231kb]
18/09/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2014 [44kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2014 [227kb]
21/08/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2014 [227kb]
10/07/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2014 [42kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2014 [230kb]
12/06/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2014 [45kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2014 [225kb]
08/05/2014adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2014 [52kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2014 [321kb]


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