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Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Sway Parish Council Meeting Minutes

The Sway Full Parish Council Approved Minutes and Attachments below are collated by the Council's year (May-April)

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Parish Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes, May 2019 to April 2020

20/03/2020Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Mar20 [158kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Mar20 [234kb]
27/02/2020Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Feb20 [211kb] adobe icon SPC Papers Feb20 [4Mb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Feb20 [48kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Feb20 [48kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb20 [306kb]
23/01/2020Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Jan20 [1Mb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jan20 [47kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jan20 [45kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan20 [237kb]
19/12/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Dec19 with papers [909kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Dec19 [52kb] adobe icon SPC Budget 2020-21 [93kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Dec19 [45kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Dec19 [289kb]
28/11/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Nov19 [106kb] adobe icon SPC PAPERS Nov19 [6Mb] adobe icon SPC Agenda Nov19 with papers [6Mb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Nov19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Nov19 [46kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov19 [232kb]
24/10/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Oct19 [321kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Oct19 [47kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Oct19 [49kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct19 [198kb]
26/09/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Sep19 with papers [279kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Sep19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Sep19 [47kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Sep19 [208kb]
22/08/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Aug19 [95kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Aug19 [47kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Aug19 [48kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Aug19 [155kb]
25/07/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Jul19 [260kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jul19 [48kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jul19 [45kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Jul19 [377kb]
27/06/2019Ordinary Meeting

adobe icon SPC Agenda Jun19 [263kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jun19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jun19 [44kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Jun19 [350kb]
Agenda with papers

16/05/2019Annual Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda May19 [259kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation May19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule May19 [47kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes May19 [366kb]
Agenda with Papers

Parish Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes May 2018 to April 2019

25/04/2019Ordinary Meeting

adobe icon SPC Agenda Apr19 [334kb] Agenda and Papers Apr19 adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Apr19 [40kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Apr19 [46kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Apr19 [452kb]

04/04/2019Parish Assemblyadobe icon APA Agenda Apr19 [447kb] adobe icon APA Minutes Apr19 [334kb]
28/03/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Mar19 [254kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Mar19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Mar19 [49kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Mar19 [160kb]
SPC Agenda Mar19 Supporting Papers
28/02/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Feb19 [264kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Feb19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Feb19 [48kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb19 [334kb]
Supporting Papers
24/01/2019Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Jan19 [3Mb] adobe icon Bank Rec Jan19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jan19 [47kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan19 DRAFT [376kb]
20/12/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Dec18 [828kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Dec18 [39kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Dec18 [39kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Dec18 [596kb]
22/11/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Nov18 [86kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Nov18 [408kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Nov18 [50kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov18 [536kb]
25/10/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Oct18 [462kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Oct18 [43kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Oct18 [46kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct18 [530kb]
27/9/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Sep18 [1Mb] adobe icon Bank Rec Sep18 [417kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Sep18 [422kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Sep18 [5Mb]
23/8/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda 23 Aug18 [248kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Aug18 [419kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Aug18 [427kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Aug18 [304kb]
2/8/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda 2 Aug18 [252kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jul18 [428kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Jul18 [426kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Jul18 [378kb]
10/7/2018Ordinary Meeting (additional)adobe icon SPC Agenda 10 Jul18 [424kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes 10 Jul18
28/6/2018Ordinary Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda Jun18 [443kb]  adobe icon SPC Minutes Jun18 [911kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jun18 [47kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Jun18 [422kb]
11/6/2018Ordinary Meeting (additional)adobe icon SPC Agenda 11 Jun18 [427kb]  adobe icon SPC Minutes 11 Jun18 [417kb]
24/5/2018Annual Meetingadobe icon SPC Agenda May18 [381kb]  adobe icon SPC Minutes May18 [522kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule May18 [44kb] adobe icon Bank Rec May18 [46kb]
3/5/2018Annual Parish Assemblyadobe icon Parish Assembly Agenda 2018 [76kb]  adobe icon Parish Assembly Minutes May18 [3Mb]


PC Meeting Minutes 2017-2018 Parish Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes May 2017 to April 2018
26/04/2018adobe icon SPC April Agenda 2018 [6Mb]adobe icon SPC April Minutes (Signed) 2018 [3Mb]
22/03/2018adobe icon PC Agenda March18 [14Mb]adobe icon SPC Signed Minutes Mar18 [8Mb]
22/02/2018adobe icon Final agenda and supporting papers Feb18 [21Mb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb18 [3Mb]
25/01/2018adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda Jan 18 [386kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan18 [9Mb] adobe icon SPC Payment Schedule Jan18 [20kb] adobe icon Amendment to Payment Schedule Jan18 [332kb]
14/12/2017adobe icon SPC Agenda Dec17 [66kb]adobe icon SPC Draft Minutes Dec17 [436kb] adobe icon SPC Payment Schedule Dec17 [13kb]
23/11/2017adobe icon SPC Draft Agenda Nov17 [55kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov17 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule Nov17 [18kb]
26/10/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda October 2017 [395kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct17 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule Oct 17 [15kb]
28/09/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda September 2017 [46kb]adobe icon PC Meeting final Minutes Sept 17 [524kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule September 2017 [200kb]
24/08/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda August 2017 [38kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Draft Minutes August 2017 [744kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule August 2017 [14kb]
20/07/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda July 2017 [276kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes July 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule July 2017 [12kb]
22/06/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda June 2017 [423kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Draft Minutes June 2017 [459kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule June 2017 [14kb]
25/05/2017adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Agenda May 2017 [251kb]adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Minutes May 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule May 2017 [13kb]


Meeting Agendas and Minutes May 2016 to April 2017 Parish Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes May 2016 to April 2017

adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly Agenda April 2017 [255kb] adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda April 2017 [419kb]

adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly Draft Minutes April 2017 [373kb] adobe icon PC Meeting DRAFT Minutes April 2017 [520kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule April 2017 [22kb]
23/03/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda March 2017 [420kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes March 2017 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule March 2017 [13kb]
23/02/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda February 2017 [429kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes February 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule February 2017 [14kb] adobe icon 2017-02-01 Letter from Sway Social Club Trustees to Sway Parish Council [26kb]
26/01/2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda January 2017 [276kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes January 2017 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule January 2017 [14kb]
15/12/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda December 2016 [30kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes December 2016 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule December 2016 [12kb]
24/11/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda November 2016 [248kb]adobe icon PC Meeting minutes November 2016 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule November 2016 [13kb]
27/10/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda October 2016 [26kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes October 2016 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule October 2016 [14kb]
22/09/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda September 2016 [27kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes September 2016 [2Mb]
25/08/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda August 2016 [32kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes August 2016 [3Mb]
21/07/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda July 2016 [23kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes July 2016 [3Mb]
23/06/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda June 2016 [38kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes June 2016 [3Mb]
26/05/2016adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Agenda May 2016 [25kb]adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Minutes May 2016 [3Mb]
19/05/2016adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly Agenda May 2016 [29kb]adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly FIRST DRAFT Minutes May 2016 [31kb]



Parish Council Meeting Minutes 2015-2016 Parish Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes May 2015 to April 2016
28/04/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda April 2016 [52kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes April 2016 [3Mb]
24/03/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda March 2016 [51kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes March 2016 [315kb]
25/02/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda February 2016 [48kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes February 2016 [324kb]
28/01/2016adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda January 2016 [48kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes January 2016 [306kb]
17/12/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda December 2015 [66kb]adobe icon PC meeting Minutes December 2015 [371kb]
26/11/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda November 2015 [159kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes November 2015 [303kb]
22/10/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda October 2015 [114kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes October 2015 [244kb]
24/09/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda September 2015 [112kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes September 2015 [5Mb]
27/08/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda August 2015 [67kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes August 2015 [10Mb]
23/07/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda July 2015 [62kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes July 2015 [4Mb]
25/06/2015adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda June 2015 [118kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes June 2015 [6Mb]
21/05/2015adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Agenda May 2015 [63kb]adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Minutes May 2015 [3Mb]


PC Minutes 2014-2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2014 to April 2015
30/04/2015adobe icon 12. PC Minutes April 2015 [235kb]
26/03/2015adobe icon 11. PC Minutes Mar 2015 [248kb]
26/02/2015adobe icon 10. PC Minutes Feb 2015 [236kb]
29/01/2015adobe icon 9. PC Minutes Jan 2015 [247kb]
18/12/2014adobe icon 8. PC Minutes Dec 2014 [245kb]
27/11/2014adobe icon 7. PC Minutes Nov 2014 [252kb]
30/10/2014adobe icon 6. PC Minutes Oct 2014 [293kb]
25/09/2014adobe icon 5.PC Minutes September 2014 [229kb]
28/08/2014adobe icon 4. PC Minutes Aug 2014 [275kb]
24/07/2014adobe icon 3. PC Minutes July 2014 [240kb]
26/06/2014adobe icon 2. PC Minutes June 2014 [239kb]
29/05/2014adobe icon 1. PC Minutes May 2014 [231kb]
29/05/2014adobe icon PC AGM Minutes 2014 [226kb]


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